List of Century Old Churches in Quezon

Aside from natural attractions, Quezon province has also lots of century old churches to visit.This might also be the reason why lots of tourists flock to Quezon province especially during Holy Week for a Visita Iglesia tradition. To check, here are some of those Century Old churches in Quezon Province.

centuries-old churches in Quezon

centuries-old churches in Quezon

1.Atimonan Church
This church was first built in 1640 but was burned during an invasion. Rebuilt in 1642, it was partially destroyed again by fire.Reconstruction of the church started in 1979. It is located in Atimonan town proper.

2.Cathedral of San Diego de Alcala
Largest and oldest Catholic Church in Quezon. Its first establishment was in 1582, on its present site. It was transferred to Silangan in the island of Alabat in 1638. It was burned by the Dutch forces in 1665; reconstructed and beautified in 1846. It is located in Gumaca town proper.

3.Church of Saint Louis of Toulouse

The present church was completed in 1738, and its interiors, in 1743. It was partly destroyed during the Second World War and the Philippine Historical Conservation Society completed its renovation in 1966. The church is surrounded by gardens and grottos, and by old stone walls regarded locally as the “quince-quince.” It is located in Lucban, Quezon.

4.Our Lady of Sorrows Shrine

The shrine is located in Dolores town proper. Many people from the neighboring towns come to Dolores to attend the mass in honor of the Birhen Dolorosa. It is also known for the yearly “Viernes de Dolores” which falls either in March or April. It features the holy Mass and the “Turumba,” a dance praising the town’s patron saint. After the procession, most of the pilgrims proceed to the river or a resort for a refreshing bath of cold water.

5.Parish Church of Saint Francis de Assisi
The first church was built in 1599. The second church, built in 1965, was replaced by a third in 1641.The present church was built in 1748. It is located in Sariaya town proper.

6.Sta. Lucia Kinabuhayan, Dolores
Important pilgrimage centers have been established here. Religious sects of Mt. Banahaw believe that this is where Jesus Christ spent his Calvary.

7.St. Ferdinand Cathedral.

It is located in the heart of Lucena City. Founded on March 1, 1881, the Parish Church of St. Ferdinand, now St. Ferdinand Cathedral, was constructed from May 1882 to July of 1884. On May 24, 1887, the newly built church was gutted down by fire and had to be reconstructed six months after.

8.St. Michael the Archangel Minor Basilica.
One of the oldest churches in the century, it was first built in 1585 and repaired in 1590 using nipa and palm. In 1600, they used bricks. The church was destroyed by an earthquake in 1743 and later rebuilt and made bigger in 1856. It is located in Tayabas, Quezon.

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