Ancestral Houses in Sariaya, Quezon

The good thing about preserving old houses is that it adds a beautiful point of contrast in a town that thrives to keep up with modernity. But these ancestral houses contribute a lot in the tourism of a locality.

Just like in the town of Sariaya where a couple of ancestral houses are standing still in a beautiful, majestic way.

Gala-Rodriguez Ancestral House

Gala-Rodriguez Ancestral House - Sariaya

The house was built in the 1930s and was a gift of Dr. Isidro Rodriguez to his ailing wife Doña Gregoria Gala. It was a huge stone house with opulent furniture.

The Gala-Rodriguez ancestral house was witness to events during the Japanese invasion that created stories fit to be told in a movie, like that story of a Japanese General Ashima’s wooing of Doña Carmen, the eldest daughter of the Rodriguez couple, and the bombing attack of the house planned by American troops when the guerillas found out that some Japanese officers lived in the Rodriguez house.

Enriquez-Gala Ancestral House

Enriquez-Gala Ancestral House - Sariaya

The house is owned by Atty. Librado Enriquez and his wife Josefina Gala. It has Corinthian columns and the stairs and veranda were mostly curved.

Catalino and Luisa Rodriguez Ancestral House

Catalino and Luisa Rodriguez Ancestral House - Sariaya

When Don Catalino became Sariaya’s presidente (mayor during the American invasion) in 1908-1909, their house was the venue of some huge political events. The prominent features of the house include high ceilings, stained glass windows, wall paintings, and carved lattices.

Gov. Natalio Enriquez Ancestral House

The brick-roofed art deco house was designed by Andres Luna, son of artist Juan Luna. This is one of the most prominent landmarks in Sariaya and was where former provincial leader, Gov. Natalio Enriquez lived.

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