Popular Local Restaurants in Quezon Province

You know how large of a province Quezon is. And if you don’t know exactly where you’re going, perhaps out of an itch to just drive along away from home, your tummy will protest after long hours on the road.

So we’re listing down some of the popular local restaurants in Quezon and maybe you’d be able to check them out when you head to a trip in the province.

restaurants in Quezon ProvinceCatalino’s Restaurant and Cafe at Villa Javierto
2497 Gulang-Gulang, Lucena City
(042) 710-5753 / 716-4982

Kinabuhayan Café (Bed & Breakfast)
Dejarme St., Brgy. Bayanihan
Dolores, Quezon

Ugu Bigyan’s Gallery (it’s art gallery and restaurant in one happy place)
490 Alvarez Village
Brgy. Lusacan, Tiaong, Quezon

Lutong Bahay ni Inay
De Gala Street, Brgy. Poblacion
Candelaria, Quezon
(042) 585 7745 or (0933) 163 4706

Waterfalls Restaurant in Villa Escudero
Located at the border of Tiaong, Quezon and San Pablo City, Laguna
(632) 521-0830 | (632) 523-0392 | (632) 523-2944

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  1. Thanks…these are very helpful information especially for those who are away for so long and thought we lost our connection to our province or towns. Hope to see more updates about other towns in the province.

  2. hope you try to check on memphis garden cafe and grille restaurant @ graceland estates and country club, ..pls do try our haing quezzon cuisine !

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