Boling Boling Festival of Catanauan, Quezon

It is an old age practice particular to Catanauanins.

It is celebrated annually starting on the Sunday and ends on Tuesday preceding Ash Wednesday and signals the start of the Lenten Season.

“Boling-Boling” comes from the visayan word “Boling” which means dirt.

Participants roam around the town dressed in any costume they may conjure. Most of them wear colorful clown-like clothes while others imitate anybody whom they despise and make fun of them. Some men put on mud or grease with charcoal all over their bodies and roam around the town trying to scare young women and children for fun.

Senior women wearing brightly coloured dresses and hats with flowers sing and dance from one house to another to solicit cash donations, half of which is given to the local Parish Church for its expenses during the Lenten Season activities and the other half for their own group’s civic projects.

In earlier times, Catanauanins had a pretentious merry-making during the Boling-Boling as starting the following day, which is Ash Wednesday; they will keep silent until the Black Saturday in worship to the Lenten Season.

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