Tagkawayan Day

Although the first of this festival starts on January 1, it is a month-long activity lasting through to the Town Fiesta in February. Celebrations include fairs and crafts of the Tagkawayan. Walk through the exhibitions and select merchandise to buy. The Carabao Festival, held during this time, offers a parade full of color and decorated carabao.

A month long activity held in time with the town’s foundation day (Jan. 1) till the Town Fiesta (Feb.9-11). The celebration are highlighted with the following events: agricultural fairs wherein all the products and crafts of Tagkawayan are exhibited and sold. Sibidan Festival (a one-man banca with the use of paddle and the town’s people designed their bancas in different colors). Carabao Festival features a colorful parade of decorated carabao.

{Details from www.tourquezon.com}

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