Tagultol Festival of Atimonan, Quezon

In Atimonan, they are celebrating Tagultol Festival every July 29- August 2. This is another rich cultural tradition from Quezon province.

What does Tagultol Festival mean? Let us know more about this festival.

Wiki says, the Tagultol Festival is an evolution of various cultural activities, practiced in previous years by Atimonanins. The Town & Patronal Fiesta every August 1 & 2 is simply celebrated with the usual parade, a cultural program, thanksgiving mass and procession. In 1981, an activity was started – the Karakol. A retired public school teacher put new dimension and vigor to the town’s cultural awareness and in the year 2003, the Tagultol Festival was finally launched. Tagultol, an old fishing method used by Atimonanins, was derived from the Tagalog word ugtol, meaning bounce. Tagultol fishing consists of a rectangular stone tied at the end of abaca strings dip in honey. Thorns of calamansi & similar plants with bait were tied 2 feet above the stone before dipping in water and moved in bouncing movements. The festival is a five-day celebration starting July 29 until August 2. The celebration is an arrangement of both cultural and sports activities, talent and beauty contests participated by community organizations and individuals and headed by the local government’s culture and arts council (LUPTAKSA) and Atimonan Tourism Council.


Image from: juanderfulpinoy.com


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