What for you is the Ultimate Dish of Quezon Province?

For sure our dear Quezonian OFWs will crave for the following dishes from this topic.

What for you is the ultimate dish from Quezon?

Let’s try to have a run down of the popular dishes in the Quezon province and share with us what tops your list.

Pancit Buko (coconut noodles) – typical pancit recipe but instead of the starch noodles, buko or young coconut meat is used

popular dishes in Quezon provincePancit Habhab (aka Pancit Lucban) – another noodle dish eaten without the use of spoon or fork; served in banana leaves

Wild Boar Tapa – tapa or dried meat seasoned with some spices

Lucban Longganisa — one of the most popular products in the entire province

Hardinera (pork loaf) — you’d see pork, hotdog bits, egg, and veggies in this meat loaf

So which among the listed food above are you craving more often?

Note: These are just five of the popular dishes of Quezon province. If in case we missed anything, feel free to comment.

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