Facebook status: What’s on your mind?

what's on your mind!

Surfing the Internet is part of our daily lives and leisure time these days. We do online chat with family or friends who are far from us. We try searching for old friends online and hope to rekindle the friendship.

Hey, what’s on your mind?

Are you hoping that you can read their mind when they chat with you?

Are you one of the millions of Facebook users around the globe?

How do you fill in that space asking you “What’s on your mind?”.

Are you always checking your friends’ walls to know what’s up with them? Or are you ‘stalking’ your crush online?

I’m sure your answer is yes and you’re fond of leaving comments and likes to their status.

Yes, I know what’s on your mind now while reading this – your everyday Facebook activities! And I’m also sure that you want to know what’s on my mind as well.

We try to figure out what’s inside other people’s minds. There are some who have that amazing skill of reading others’ minds but for majority of us who can’t read minds, we settle on asking others or waiting for them to speak up.

There some people who are having a hard time telling others what’s on their mind. They can’t find the courage, they can’t find the right time, or sometimes, even the right words are nowhere to be found. But in a person’s own space on Facebook, one can be true to his/her self and can tell everyone what’s in his/her mind.

And this is the similar capability that we share with social networking sites – to ask what’s on the minds of people.

I wonder what’s on your mind now?

Contributed by: Jocelyn Rocha Cueto

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