Quezon Province and The Scary Stories that It Bears

My Lolo was once interviewed by the now defunct ABS CBN horror show, Verum Est.

My old man shared scary stories about the paranormal things that transpired in Quezon National Park during the 60s and 70s— the time when he still makes a living out of being a bus conductor.

I was scared as hell. I mean, I know my Lolo too well and I always knew that he wouldn’t lie for anything.

He mentioned something about disappearing passengers and all that creepy what not.

That was the time that I believed in ghosts.

And here are some more stories that intensifies how “mystical” our beloved province is:

The Haunted Beach House (www.yourghoststories.com)

My family and I celebrate Holy Week (for non-Catholics, holy week is where we commemorate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ) in my dad’s province in Quezon. We have a beach house there and we only get to go and stay there during holy week.

Back in 2006, my family and I went there with my cousins from my mother’s side of the family. Since this is the first time that my cousins went to our beach house we decided to have fun while contemplating on our sins. On Good Friday, we decided to build a bonfire by the beach and drink a couple bottles of beer. We were also talking about funny stories when my cousin asked me if there are ghosts in the area. I said I don’t know and I said let’s see. So I said “Kung may multo talaga dito, magblack out nga” (If there ghosts here, there would be a blackout).

Right after I said that, all the lights in the two houses went out, not only the lights also the electricity. The only light that we had was the bonfire. Then suddenly it became very cold, and I know that it wasn’t the wind (My cousins and I are very sensitive when it comes to paranormal things). Since we had beer that time, one my cousins taunted whatever or whomever put out the lights. He said “Magpakita ka sa amin kung meron talga” (Show yourself to us, if you really are true) Again we felt the temperature drop. I was so scared out of my wits that time, I was already crying when my cousin told me to stop because he told me that they get attracted to fear.

The whole time I was praying the Apostle’s Creed but the feeling won’t go, and I knew for a fact that there was one spirit beside me. My other guy cousin, who is the most sensitive of all when it comes to paranormal stuff decided that we pray the Apostle’s Creed/Lord’s Prayer in Latin so we all followed him.
After praying, I also apologized to the spirits that I’ve offended that night, and that I won’t taunt them again. After 15 minutes or so, we all felt that the temperature went back to normal and all the lights/ electricity is back on again. The minute the power went on, we put off the bonfire, and we ran like crazy going back to the guest house.

Haunted House (www.stuartxchange.org)

Many say it’s haunted. Headless soldiers in Japanese uniforms, helmets in hand. An elderly couple in white slowly descending the circular steps, sometimes completing the descent as a headless apparition. The rattling of doorknobs. Doors that suddenly refuse to open. The sound of shackled walking and the dragging of chains.The heavy cold air that wraps around the intruding guests.

Many have tried to brave through a night. My brother’s karate group, brown and black belters, visiting for a weekend of instructions and exhibition of their martial art skills. Another, a nephew and his barkada, aware of the ghosts, intent to tease and draw them out of their ethereal habitats, their nerves augmented by alcohol and fraternity. None lasted to the midnight hour, skedaddling back to Manila, their machismo bruised and tempered.

Some believe the spirits have claimed the space and have joined together to hinder and stall all efforts to sell or demolish it. Some say evil spirits have taken a penchant for hanging around the crocodile sculpture in the garden.

Recent caretakers continue to tell of an old lady in the traditional ghostly garb of white, her white hair loose on her shoulders, lingering around the rooms, with a penchant for conversing with their little children, bringing them to giggles and laughter, and as often, fearful crying spells.

It hauntedness is kept alive by the townsfolk – stories from diminishing number of old-timers who remember the olden days, replenished with sightings by passers-by as they steal glances at the framed glass windows and doors, sometimes catching shadowy forms moving about. And sometimes, at twilight or in the early evening hours, especially a friday nearing a full moon, they tell of a white-haired woman gazing out from the second floor library window – stories that resuscitate as the October days march into Halloween night.

Cristobal Caper (pinoymountaineer.com)

Never climb Cristobal alone. Even if with a group, don’t stray away from your team. I learned this the hard way. In 2005 I went to Dolores with the mountaineering club of my friend. When we arrived at Dolores it was already 1400 H with all the delays. I took the lead, and because I found the path straightforward, I went on and on.

I realized that I had gone ahead too far and I waited for them, but they didn’t arrive. I began to panic. Only after an hour did they arrive. I asked, “What took you so long?” And they said,

“Huh? We were just following you. We saw you just a few minutes ago!”

I began to wonder if that’s why they call it a spooky mountain. But I just shrugged it off until later that night, after the socials. Being a freelance climber, I had my own tent, and I got out to pee.

When I looked back to my tent, there was something glowing inside. It was like the light of my flaslight.

But my flashlight was with me!

Too scared, I woke up my pals but when we took a look the second time, the light was gone.

“You must be imagining things,” said one of my friends. Suddenly, however, a bright light flashed from behind us. It was the same light that glowed on my tent but when we looked it was gone.

2:00am and I decided not to sleep anymore. My pals did the same and we had the longest socials I’ve ever experienced.

There are undeniably thousand of horror stories more that transpired here in our beloved Quezon province.

Golden question is, would you believe them? 😉


  1. pagbilao haunted house is one of the best place to explore here in quezon…yet

  2. art castillo says:

    The fuck guys! just went at real quezon. i was traveling along the road papunta ako ng real surf, time is 10:33pm when suddenly 5 children popped out of nowhere. tangina as in (sorry for the word) limang bata biglang nanakbo or nanghahabol papunta sa sasakyan ko at sumisigaw sila sakin ng AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! galing sa madilim na part ng puno.then nagpabilis ako ng takbo tapos bigla sila nawala pag tingin ko sa side mirror. grabe yun

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