The Wonders of Ugu Bigyan

I’ve been hearing a lot about Ugu Bigyan from way back, I can’t exactly remember when. What I’ve been hearing even got me confused as to what I am actually curious about — a person or a place?

Mr. Potter and He’s Not Harry

Augusto “Ugu” Bigyan is the most notable potter in the country. His works have beautified a lot of places (resorts, hotels, restaurants, houses) in the country, having such loyal patrons for his pottery.

Ugu Bigyan also refers to his place — his workshop/abode/restaurant — located at Lusacan, Tiaong, Quezon.

The Cooking Potter

Aside from his ingenuity on transforming clay to magnificent earthenware, Ugu is also a culinary genius. That gives people another reason to drive down south to Tiaong.

Ugu Bigyan’s Pottery

What’s good about his works is that there are no designs alike. And if you have seen his works, you could notice his fondness on leaves and roots as evident on the designs of his pottery.

These directions are from

How to get to Tiaong, Quezon:

From Manila, take the South Luzon Tollway all the way to the south end. At the end of the tollway, after the toll plaza, take the exit that points to Lucena and simply drive along this national road until you reach the Sto. Tomas junction.

Take the road to the left (southeastward) toward Lucena City. This will take you through Alaminos then San Pablo Laguna. At San Pablo junction, just follow the highway, veering to the right and bypassing the city. Do not enter San Pablo proper. Next town after San Pablo would be Tiaong.

How to get to Ugu Bigyan’s place:

From Tiaong, From the Tiaong market, continue further southwest along the national road. After about 240m, the road will turn sharply to the left. Continue down the road southeast. About 480m from the turn you will see the Tiaong Municipio on your right. Continue travelling for another 2.4km from the municipio until you see the Tiaong Rural Bank on the left side.

If you prefer looking at kilometer posts, this rural bank is a few meters after KM98. Turn left at the small street just before the rural bank. 600m into the street, after crossing a rail road halfway, you will see a sign ‘Alvarez Village’. Turn left, and barely 90m from the corner, you will see a distinctly different house constructed from bricks on the left side. This is Ugu’s workshop-residence.


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