Atimonan, Quezon (Facts, History, Barangays, Economy, Highlights)

Atimonan, Quezon

The Municipality of Atimonan (Filipino: Bayan ng Atimonan) is a second class municipality in the province of Quezon, Philippines. It lies on the western shore of the province, 173 kilometers southeast of Manila. Atimonan is bounded by the municipalities of Gumaca, Plaridel, Pagbilao and Padre Burgos. According to the 2007 census, it has a population of 59,157.

There were conflicting stories on how Atimonan got its name. Some concluded that the name Atimonan originated from a tree known as Atimon alleged to have been prevalent in the area and had reportedly served many uses to the residents. These trees are now extinct and its non-existence could not be accounted for.
Others say it came from the words atin muna, signifying a policy, unity of feeling and sentiments among the residents that bolster their spirit in the fight against their enemies during that time.
But the most popular version is that it originated from the name of its founder, Simeona Mangaba, known to her town mates as Ate Monang. She is a woman reputed to be of unquestionable leadership, which the people regarded as their adopted parent , leader and protector.
Ate Monang was the eldest sister of Francisco Mangaba, the first captain of the town. She founded the town on February 4, 1608 along the banks of the big Maling River, now known as Atimonan River.
Living along the river bank, the people has always been a prey to Moro attacks and so for fear of Moro reprisals, the inhabitants decided to transfer to Palsabangon, now a barrio of Pagbilao, Quezon. However, the people felt discontented in Palsabangon because the place abounds in wild crocodiles that from time to time disturbed them.
So, after two years of stay (1610), they left the place and transferred to Babyaw, a part of Atimonan. They settled in Babyaw for almost 14 years, but transferred again to another site called Minanukan for some unknown reasons.
In 1635, they again transferred to another place called Bisita, but some families separated from the majority and settled in Yawe, now San Isidro, a barrio in Padre Burgos, Quezon.
The next year, when Simeona Mangaba learned of what happened to the original group of settlers, she, together with Fray Geronimo de Jesus, a Spanish friar, tried to unite them once more and convinced them to return to the place where it was first founded. The place known now as Bagumbayan, this was during the time of Captain Pablo Garcia.
Today, Atimonan is a fast growing town known for its cleanliness, beautiful beaches, many historical and natural scenery and most of all warm and peace-loving people.

The economy of Atimonan is sustained by fishing and agriculture. Many also engage in seafaring. The town is part of the Tourism Highway Program of the Department of Tourism.

Municipal Officials (2007-2010)
Municipal Mayor: Jose F. Mendoza
Municipal Vice-Mayor: Nestor M. Parafina
Municipal Councilor: Iñigo P. Mapaye
Municipal Councilor: Zenaida D. Veranga
Municipal Councilor: Nestor E. Santander
Municipal Councilor: Rizaldy L. Velasco
Municipal Councilor: John Francis L. Luzano
Municipal Councilor: Cielyn S. Diestro
Municipal Councilor: Maria Aurora A. Tamayo
Municipal Councilor: Renato C. Sarmiento
PPLB President: Victor C. Reyes
PPSK President: John Carlo L. Villasin

Atimonan is politically subdivided into 42 barangays.
Barangay Zone 1 (Pob.)
Barangay Zone 2 (Pob.)
Barangay Zone 3 (Pob.)
Barangay Zone 4 (Pob.)
Caridad Ibaba
Caridad Ilaya
Malinao Ibaba
Malinao Ilaya
Manggalayan Bundok
Manggalayan Labak
Montes Balaon
Montes Kallagan
San Andres Bundok
San Andres Labak
San Isidro
San Jose Balatok
San Rafael
Santa Catalina
Villa Ibaba
Villa Ilaya

Quezon National Forest Park
Mount Mirador

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