Anilon Island, One of the Many Attractions of Burdeos, Quezon

anilon caveAnilon Island boasts of a scenic cave, white sand beaches and clear waters.

It is Quezon’s very own Boracay indeed.

A better Boracay at that, for the aforementioned island is not that “commercialized” and still has the most virgin of waters and unadulterated natural attractions.

Enveloped in the island is the Anilon Cave where swimmers could pass through from one end to the other.

The aforementioned cave is such a welcome sight for outdoorsmen and tourists alike!

Never been there? Here are the directions on how to go to Anilon Island in Burdeos, Quezon:

Burdeos can be reached either Via Mauban, Quezon or Infanta, Real Quezon. Raymond Bus Terminal in Legarda under the Nagtahan Bridge is the only bus company that goes straight to real and infant via ortigas avenue passing through Rizal and Laguna. Fare is around 200 pesos. First trip start as early as 2am just in time to catch the 5am trip of the motorized banca in real ungos port going to Polillo port.

Mauban port to Burdeos- about 5-6 hours in good weather condition

Infanta/Real Port to Polillo port-2-3 hours by a motorized banca

Polilio to Burdeos proper- upon reaching Polillo town, there is one jeepney that goes to burdeos at 10 am. Tricycle or motorbikes can also be rented. It takes an hour and 15 minutes to reach burdeos town proper along Burdeos- Polillo road.

Fare starts at 200 per head (motorbike and tricycle)—

There are still thousands and thousands of things to discover in Quezon province. Tourist spots, food, and natural attractions among others are yet to be discovered by tourists and Quezonians alike.

Quezon Province is indeed well provided with God’s blessings and it is only our duty, as responsible Quezonians to spread the word. 😉

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