Gumaca, Quezon (History, Gov. Officials, Barangays, Population)

Gumaca, Quezon

The Municipality of Gumaca (Filipino: Bayan ng Gumaca) is a 2nd class municipality in the province of Quezon, Philippines. According to the 2007 census, it has a population of 63,778.

Formerly known as Bumaka (to fight), the present town of Gumaca was a settlement founded at the southern bank of Palanas River in the 14th century by a group of settlers from Borneo and Malay Peninsula.
The earliest known ruler was Lakan Bugtali. His sovereignty extended over the regions bordering Gusuan, now called Lamon Bay, from Gamao point to the North, to the island across the bay or now known as Alabat Islands, to the southwest passing the northeastern part of the present town of Calauag, the source of Talolong, which traverses the town of Lopez, and Pandanan Rivers and on the northwest as far as the upper Kalilayan River. Thus when the first Spaniards arrived in this settlement in 1574 led by Fr. Diego Oropesa, they found a group of barangays with their own culture and government.
From 1574 to 1670 the town of Gumaca was ruled by Spanish Friars. Then from 1671 to 1893 the town was ruled by Spanish and Filipino Gobernadorcillos. From 1893 to 1900 the town executives came to be known as Capitan Municipal and from 1901 the head of the town was elected by the people and came to be known as Presidente Municipal. Later in 1936 this title was change to Municipal Mayors.
It must be noted that the brief history of Gumaca had no mention of any law, decree or Republic Act which created the Municipality and there was no mother municipality where Gumaca came from. As for its daughter towns, Lopez is the most notable among them, being one of the largest and the most progressive in that part of the province.

Local Government officials
Mayor: Hon. Engr. Joy Job A. Cabangon
Vice Mayor: Hon. Carmela Josefa R. Lavidez
Hon. Raquel M. Mendoza (SB Member)
Hon. Aida P. Dysanco (SB Member)
Hon. Armando A. Atienza (SB Member)
Hon. Rodolfo J. Bañal (SB Member)
Hon. Danilo B. Hernandez (SB Member)
Hon. Ruvilon Juancho T. Mercurio (SB Member)
Hon. Noel F. Capisonda (SB Member)
Hon. Mary Alyn C. Arcaya (SB Member)
Hon. Abner Marilla (ABC President)
Hon. Rose Angelar C. Martinez (SK Federation President)

Gumaca is politically subdivided into 59 barangays.
Adia Bitaog
Bagong Buhay (Pob.)
Batong Dalig
Casasahan Ibaba
Casasahan Ilaya
Gitnang Barrio
Inagbuhan Ilaya
Marcelo H. Del Pilar
Mataas Na Bundok
Maunlad (Pob.)
Peñafrancia (Pob.)
Pipisik (Pob.)
Rizal (Pob.)
San Agustin
San Diego (Pob.)
San Diego (Bukid)
San Isidro Kanluran
San Isidro Silangan
San Juan De Jesus
San Vicente
Tabing Dagat (Pob.)
Villa Arcaya
Villa Botas
Villa Fuerte
Villa Mendoza
Villa Nava
Villa Padua
Villa Perez
Villa M. Principe
Villa Tañada
Villa Victoria

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