Restaurants in Lucena City, Quezon

Hey, if you are to stride Lucena City, Quezon, you might look for some restaurants which will definitely satisfy your cravings for different cuisines. Well, with numerous restaurants and bars located in this city, I can say that you don’t have to go far from Lucena. You can check these restaurants I have listed below where you can dine in Lucena City.

All Quezon Club, Inc.
7/F Garcia Corporate Tower, Granja Cor. Rizal St., Brgy. V

Apple ‘N Peach Restaurant
Maharlika Hi-Way, Brgy. Kanlurang Mayao
Tel. #(042) 373-7199

Bergs Bar and Restaurant
Land Bank Bldg., Quezon Ave.
Tel. #(042) 373-6764

Bubbles Crispy Pata and Restaurant
Lakandula Cor. Granja St., Brgy. VII
Tel. #(042) 373-4455

Buddy’s Pizza
214 Quezon Ave., Cor. Guinto St., Brgy. VIII
Tel. #(042) 710-3632

Buddy’s Pizza
2/F SM City Lucena Dalahican Cor. Maharlika Hi-Way, Ibabang Dupay
Tel. #(042) 660-7356

Catalino’s Restaurant
2497 Villa Javierto, Brgy. Gulang-Gulang

Cuzina ni Tita Norma
Allarey Cor. Hermana Fausta St., Brgy. I

Dealo Koffee Klatch
tel# (042) 373-0053

Don Vittorio’s Restaurant
Quezon Avenue

Eastern Precious Cuisine
Quezon Ave., Brgy. VI
Tel. #(042) 710-3530

Eduvigis Coffee Bar & Restaurant
Magallanes Cor. Bonifacio St., Brgy. VII
Tel. #(042) 373-3273

Giusseppe Bar Y Restaurante
L-12, B-2 Dona Aurora Blvd., Gulang-Gulang
Tel. #(042) 710-5557

Ground Zero House of Pizza
Trinidad St., Brgy. I
Tel. #(042) 660-6320

Hacienda Inn Restaurant
Quezon Ave., Brgy. VII
Tel. #(042) 710-3523

Happy We Dimsum & Noodle House
Ground Floor, Pacific Mall, M.L. Tagarao St., Brgy. III

Happy We Dimsum & Noodle House
Quezon Ave., Brgy. III

Jimmy’s Grill
Diversion Road, Brgy. Gulang-Gulang

JM Premiere Cuisine
Quezon Ave., Brgy. I

Ma. Cristina BL Granja St., Brgy. V
Tel. #(042) 660-2515

Tambayan sa Leah’s Bar and Restaurant
Gomez St., Cor. Quezon Ave., Brgy. III

Tarcisious Bar and Restaurant
Diversion Rd.Ilayang Dupay
Tel. #(042) 710-2783

Rogelio’s Grill
Quezon Ave., Cor. Don Queblar St., Brgy. IX
Tel. # (042) 710-8800

Mug Café
Landco Bus. Par, M.L. Tagarao St., Brgy. III
Tel. #(042) 660-4200

Linlin Dimsum House
Zamora St., Brgy. VII

Luisa Daughter & Restaurant
Quezon Ave., Ext., Brgy. Gulang-Gulang
Tel. #(042) 710-7543

JM Tsuki Japanese-Filipino Restaurant
3rd St., Pleasantville Subd., Brgy. Ilayang Iyam
Tel. #(042) 373-4886


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