The Goodness of Pasalubong Centers

pasalubong centers in Quezon provinceWhen you visit a new place (or somewhere you haven’t been to for years), you often have this sort of need to bring something home. And the search for ‘pasalubong’ will eat up your last hour of stay.

For non-Filipino natives, ‘pasalubong’ is something you bring home to your families and friends from a trip. This pasalubong, often than not, is something that’s uniquely found in the destination you visit or anything that you seldom see in your own place. Thus the need to bring some home with you so your loved ones can try.

Looking for pasalubong is quite a task to do especially if you have to roam around town to get the goodies. But that was back in the days. Now comes the rise of pasalubong centers.

Pasalubong center is a one-stop-shop located at the heart of the city/town you visit (or in a strategic point like the highway before leaving the town proper) where you can find almost all the treats you can bring home with you.

There’s this pasalubong center in Lucena City that will not give you a reason to check anywhere else for they almost have it all. Leah’s Pasalubong Center is where you can purchase the best treats, mostly sweets, from Quezon province.

Their business started with Lope Papa and his sister, Editha’s kundol (winter melon) candies which they supply to a then pasalubong store in Lutucan, Quezon. Until their products grew to a few more like macaroons, broas, pastillas, banana chips, and tamarind candies.

But an untoward event happened sometime in the ’80s when their store was burned down. Being a true Filipino, Lope bounced back from that incident. He started building Leah’s Pasalubong Center, named after his daughter.

Leah co-managed the business and eventually added more and more products. Of course, these include products popular in Quezon such as longganisang Lucban, pancit Lucban, pinagong (turtle-shaped), broas (ladyfinger), uraro (arrowroot cookies), apas (thin crisp biscuit), tikoy, and budin (cassava cake).

Lea’s Pasalubong Center is located at Gomez St., corner Quezon Avenue, Lucena City. You can reach them through the following numbers: (042) 710 – 6699, (042) 710 – 4226 and 0910-832-1604.


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