Tikoy ala Quezonian

Zabala Tikoy Special

The TIKOY (Chinese New Year pudding) is one of the food servings we see when the Christmas Season arrives.

Moreover, tikoy has been a staple gift and pasalubong for us, Filipinos. Tikoy symbolizes something good– A tighter family bond, I suppose.

There’s this one TIKOY maker located on the busy streets of Lucena City, Quezon which is well known throughout the Philippines . Yes, tikoy ain’t necessary be made by the Chinese. And a good tikoy, at that.

Enter Zabala’s Special Tikoy.

Zabala tikoy is just right for the panlasang pinoy, I daresay.

Zabala’s tikoy looks too pleasing like a caramel candy but is not that sweet. All is just well, so to speak.

A foreigner’s visit to Quezon province wouldn’t exactly be complete if he doesn’t bring home this one of a kind concoction.

But if you have no time to drop by this land of ours and would die for a taste of tikoy then here’s the proverbial recipe: (lifted from filipinolink.net)

Tikoy Quezon (Steamed sweet rice cake)Tikoy

1 bag (16 oz.) glutinous rice flour
1 can (13.5 fl oz) Aroy D coco milk
1 can (12 fl oz) evaporated milk
1/2 cup grated Kraft cheese
1 cup condensed milk
2 cup white sugar

In a mixing dish mix all ingredients thoroughly. strain if necessary to refine batter.Pour the batter to a pan about 10 inches in diameter and 2 inches thick.Steam for 45 minutes or until done. Pierce the center of the pan with a fork handle and if comes out dry the tikoy is done.

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