Quezon’s Boracay and Palawan in One Amazing Destination

Article contributed by Karen Opeña

Hidden in the place of thousand colors is a wonderful attraction its locals themselves, should be proud of — Borawan Island.

I first saw the place on a video I have watched on a docu-educational and lifestyle public affairs TV show and I can’t help but fall in love with its magnificence.

The island is situated in Padre Burgos, Quezon Province. The name Borawan, according to the local folks, is a blend of two words Boracay and Palawan. The island was named after the two attractions because it possesses white sand similar to that of Boracay’s and Palawan’s spectacular limestone cliffs and boulders.

With 2-4 hours drive from Manila, one can see and experience the beauty of the place and enjoy its serene water with a perfect mirror image of the sky.

So, to tourists who wants to see it for themselves like I do, go to an off the beaten path getaway and explore the beauty of Quezon’s very own Boracay and Palawan in one!

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