Places to Visit in Pitogo, Quezon

Likewise the other towns in Quezon, Pitogo also offers lots of places where you can relax and enjoy.

Resorts, churches, hotels and some cultural attractions, Pitogo Quezon has it all.

Here are some of those places you shouldn’t miss if you are to visit Pitogo.

1.Conversion of the Saint Paul Parish

2.Countryside Hotel

3.Soliyao Beach Resort

4.Puting Buhangin Beach Resort


6.Villa Rosa Ancestral House

Stay put for further information about Pitogo’s tourists attractions on my next article. 😉



  1. saan po ang countryside hotel

  2. gaing naman nito,,, sana po damihan natin ang photos… i’m promoting to my officemates and friends,, will visit soliyao this summer…….

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