Street of Pasalubong: Calle Budin in Tayabas Quezon

Filipino’s taste bud actually exhausted with eager in foods.
Fan of exploring more deeply in eating and cooking numerous dishes that hook up overseas people which tend to inspire them through new product that’s what Filipinos are. Moreover delicacies are in a great deal that attracts visitors from going.

Tayabas set a short stretch of street in Tayabas where you can find stall of selling native delicacies side by side as pasalubong.
A portion of Jacinto St between AM Regidor and Legaspi Street is the so called Calle Budin of Tayabas,Quezon where you can buy budin (cassava pudding) and other Quezon specialties like broas (lady fingers), pancit hab-hab (pancit lucban) noodles, tikoy, Lucban longganisa (pork sausage Lucban style), pinagong, sometimes pinais, lambanog (plain and flavored) as well as pasalubong products from nearby town of Laguna.

Budin is a baked cassava (aka tapioca), coconut, sugar and margarine topped with cheese. The cassava cakes in Kalye Budin
look the same and almost taste the same. Budin has a pudding-like consistency – some are chewy, others are melt-in-the mouth – and sweet. It is a favorite appetizer, snack or dessert in this town, a 15-minute drive away from Lucena City, Quezon’s capital.

–Contributed by: Lilet Ann Eglip Solina


  1. renzian mutare says:

    manatiling mapagbantay.nanganganib kay o sa mga produkto ng MORTILLA delicacies and pasalubong.kung ninais pa ninyo mabuhay ng matagal..

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