Yema Cake is the Sweetest Indulgence in Tayabas

Taste it until you can’t get enough of the Yema Cake.

Just off the corner of Kalye Budin is Rodilla’s Restaurant where the popular yema (custard) cakes are sold. It’s sweet and cheesy ingredients melt onto one’s mouth with satisfaction.

This Yema Cake is slowly becoming a box office hit now. During the recent holidays, buyers rushed to this side of town just to get a box or two of the favorite local custard cake. People from nearby towns are fine with falling in line for quite some time just to have this sweet and cheesy Yema Cake experience!

— Contributed by Lilet Ann  E.Solina


  1. Quezonian says:

    Buy one box and I’ll sure you can get enough of it!

  2. promise sobrang sarap talaga ng yema cake…looking forward of tasting it AGAIN!

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